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Benefits of Big Data in Project Portfolio Management

Benefits of Big Data in Project Portfolio Management

The term Big Data is a relatively new connotation that denotes an enormous volume of the complex data set and is used by thousands of organizations world over with the aim of extracting information to re-invent their business strategies. Apart from its utility in large customer-centric organizations such as the airline industry, the big data also finds an extensive use in project portfolio management.

Big data helps enhance the efficiency of project portfolio management

Often, there are large pools of project related data that a company possesses, and it is humanly impossible to permeate through it, manually. Using the analytical tools provided by the big data, the managers can make use of an algorithmic framework, and sift the specific data as per the requirement of the company. Keeping track of such large volumes of relevant information helps in creating, more informed decision-making process. Moreover, using a computerized access for this enormous data pool eliminates the chances of any miscalculations or human error.

Big data provides useful insights into the past patterns

Most of the data in an organization is held in a confusing pattern, and due to this, its sits idle and untouched by the managers. More often than not, the managers base their project portfolio management on guesses, past experiences and advice from subject matter experts, instead of making use of this more accurate hands-on data. The big data analytical tools can help offer a useful insight into various segments such as resource allocation or cost projections, by filtering through the information and breaking down the numeric to a more intelligible level. This largely aids the managers in getting a better hold on their portfolio management and plan out their maintenance schedules for profitable results.

Big data offers a wider view of the data at hand

The big data tools provide a more extensive bird’s eye view of the massive data pool and its intricate details. By providing you a larger perspective of the data, big data enables you to identify the gaps and crevasses in your project portfolio and take corrective actions to bridge them. Owing to the fact that a manager is able to see beyond the current circumstances, helps him mitigate any future risks, well before they spiral out of control. In addition to this, it even helps the managers with a sizeable experience, to evade any possible perils.

In a nutshell, big data helps manage the enterprise level data with utmost efficiency and precision and promotes discipline in the way a project portfolio is managed.

Esa Toivonen, Managing Partner, Senior Advisor
Thinking Portfolio

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